The Pellet tester bioenergy TUMBLER+ series complies with all requirements of the international standard ISO 17831-1 (EN 15210-1) ‚determination of mechanical durability of pellets‘. This method has been specified as the reference method for the determination of mechanical durability of wood pellets. Currently, more than 200 devices are successfully in use, worldwide. The instruments are round robin proved.

For each delivered TUMBLER+ an inspection certificate according EN 10204-3.1 is available. 


TUMBLER 3000 offen kPellets durability tester Bioenergy TUMBLER 3000+ gemäß ISO 17831-1 (EN 15210-1)

Mobile floor model for simultaneous triple determination of mechanical durability according to the standard. Suitable for continuous high sample quantity. Easy to handle, easy to clean, counts the rotations and gives remaining test time, self-calibrating, works independently of any fluctuation in power frequency.


 To see a video about determination of mechanical durability of pellets, click here




Required accessories:

  • balance (at least 2 kg; precision: 0,1 g)
  • 3,15mm round hole sieve

These products are also available in a package deal