Pelletssackwaage k


The laboratory precision balance is intended for use as a pellet bag scale, for example for bagging units in wood pellet productions. 

With a weighing range of max. 20 kg and a readability of 0,01 kg, it is ideal as a check weighter for all common pellet bag weights (10 kg, 15 kg, 16 kg and/or 18 kg) regardless of the bag shape and is also calibratable! 





Alternatively, we offer a calibratable pellet bag scale in a heavy-duty version for industrial use (stainless steel housing). Robust model with a maximum weighing range of 30 kg and a readability of 5 g up to a maximum weighing value of 15 kg.






In addition to the balance shown here, the entire KERN laboratory balance portfolio is available. If you want to order a balance with verification, we need the complete address of the final installation site.