Trockenschrank kThis Drying- or Heating oven with air circulation is suitable for the determination of moisture content according to ISO 18134-1 -2 und -3 (EN 14774-1 -2 und -3). Fast drying process, constant air circulation even at full load of sample material and homogenous temperature conditions characterize this quality product.


Data sheet BEA 60/300

Data sheet BEA 120/300


With a capacity of 60 or 120 liters, the drying oven is qualified for simultaneous drying of many samples and for samples with large particle size (eg wood chips, logs).


Required accessories

  • balance (precision 0,1 g)
  • cups for drying of biomass: L: 28,5 cm / W: 23,0 cm / H: 4,0 cm