572 43kPrecision balance KERN 572-43

Kern laboratory precision balances are reliable and characterized by simplest operation. This balance is provided for use in laboratories or in rooms with laboratory-like conditions. Numerous accessories are optionally available on request (eg. external rechargeable battery pack, protection cover,...)

With a weighing range of max. 10 kg and a readability of 100 mg it is the perfect accessory for the pellets durability tester TUMBLER and/or the bulk density cylinder.

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ALS 160 4A k

Analytical balance KERN ALS 160-4A

Compared to the 80-4N, this electronic analytical balance offers a weighing range of 160 g and a reproducibility of 0,1 mg. These analytical balance is also ideal for determining the ash content. The ALS 160-4A is included with a special discount in our ash set until June 30th, 2021.




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ABS 80 4N k

Analytical balance KERN ABS 80-4N

This electronic analytical balance of highest precision, offers high standard for low budget. Analytical balance with a weighing range of max. 83 g and a readability of 0,1 mg is required, among other equipment, for the ash content determination.




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In addition to the balances shown here, the entire KERN laboratory balance portfolio is available. If you want to order a balance with verification, we need the complete address of the final installation site.