The cAkkAdlerertification process of a pellets production site or a pellets trader according to ENplus® or DINplus is divided into several steps:

  • Production plant inspection by approved and listed inspection body (BEA) including sampling
  • Laboratory analysis of sampled products by approved testing body (BEA), inspection report
  • Application for certification at EPC or the responsible, national pellets association (licenser) and listed certification body
  • Payment of license fees to EPC or to the national association
  • Certificate

We are an accredited inspection body according EN ISO/IEC 17020 and approved and listed at the European Pellet Council (EPC) as well as DINCERTCO as  testing and inspection body. As part of the audits, Martin Englisch and Philipp Koskarti do not only perform the plant inspection in accordance with the requirements, they also offer suggestions for improvement and show optimization potential.