AscheschmelzanalysatorI-sThe IF 2000G is an automatic instrument for the determination of the ash fusion of solid fuel ashes like biomass, coal and coke, solid recovered fuels etc. The instrument complies with most standards like CEN/TS 15370 (solid biofuels), CEN/TS 15404 (solid recovered fuels, SRF), ASTM E 953 (Refuse-Derived Fuel, RDF), ISO 540 (hard coal and coke), AS 1038.15 (coal and coke), BS 1016-70 (coal and coke), DIN 51730 (coal and coke).

The high resolution optics enables a perfect observation during heating of the sample. An advantage for the determination of the tricky ash deformation point. The instrument is equipped with 4 Lanthanum Chromite heating elements heating the sample up to 1700°C. Measurements can be done in oxidizing (without use of any gases) and reducing atmosphere.

Simultaneous analysis of 6 samples per cycle.

A sample sizes between 3 x 3 x 3 mm up to 19 x 6 x 6 mm may be used, the selected shape is automatically detected by the instrument. The instrument performs an automatic analysis and prints a report including images of the 4 characteristic points (SST, DT, HT, FT). All images are saved on the computer. 



The instrument is delivered with all necessary accessories (computer including flat screen and printer, sample preparation tools,..) and the evaluation software.

Commissioning and training is included and is done by our experts either in German or English.